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“I gained more from Lisk Associates regarding leadership and what to do to motivate, mentor, and support not only myself as an administrator, but staff and others I have worked with.” –M.H.

Real-Time Coaching has opened my mind to challenge long-practiced, more conventional management techniques, and inspired me to be a more authentic and influential kind of leader that works with people to bring out the best in them so they can deliver big-time results to our organization.

-Rick B. VP Supply Chain Management Atlanta, GA

“RealTime Coaching is a great base structure to get comfortable with coaching. It helps you think about others’ driving forces & motivators in order to get the most out of each encounter.” – B.H.

“RealTime Coaching was well done and offered a new perspective on an age-old problem.” –J.F.

“Very beneficial, I will continue to use the materials, especially radio station WDIP.” –D.H.

“This is not just another coaching class. It’s about who you are coaching.” – A.F.

“This was a superior learning experience. I am better equipped to deal with both routine and challenging employee issues.” –C.B.

“This workshop was beneficial. I feel like I left the workshop with some tools.” –M.B.

“This workshop provides lots of practical insight into dealing with different personality types.” –K.C.

“RealTime Coaching was very beneficial and something I will actually use.” –S.H.

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