RealTime Coaching Masterclass

I am happy to announce a new RealTime Coaching program I am calling the RTC Masterclass. RTC Masterclass takes an individualized LMS approach combining virtual work with live coaching. RTC masterclass has 6 hours of total work/time investment:

  • 1.5 hours of videos via 11 sessions
  • 2.5 of hours of reading/exercises via the RTC workbook and 2 books that are included
  • 2 hours of live meets with Ryan Lisk (or your individual RTC coach)

How it works:

  • Participant signs up and is sent the three physical books
  • Once participant has the materials, they complete RTC Masterclass bundle #1 which has 4 sessions. 
  • Each session has its own instructions indicating which pages to read and exercises to complete along with at least one video from me (some sessions have links to external coaching videos).
  • Session #1 “Intro to RTC”: (7 minute video)
  • Session #2 “Your Learning Objectives”: (2 minute video)
  • Session #3: “Let’s Coach”: (2 minute video from me with links to other coaching videos)
  • Session #4 “Do-To, Do-For, Do-With”: (10 minute video from me with link to external video)
  • After Session #4, the participant has follow up call #1 with Ryan. 
  • Once this call is complete, RTC Masterclass bundle #2 is released via email to the participant with 5 sessions
  • RTC Session #5: “RTC Revealed”: (7 minute video)
  • RTC Session #6: “What Do You Want”: (7 minute video)
  • RTC Session #7: “What Are You Doing”: (5 minute video)
  • RTC Session #8: “Is What You Are Doing Getting You What You Want”: (6 minute video)  
  • RTC Session #9: “What Is Your Plan”:  (7 minute video)
  • Session #10 will be emailed separately: “Inquiry vs Assumption”: (6 minute video)
  • Session #11 emailed separately: “RTC Exercises”: (24 minute video)
  • After session #11, participant completes 10-question Final Exam and emails to Ryan and schedules graduation live call
  • Graduation: Final live session with Ryan
  • Participant Teach-back
  • Review prep for a coaching conversation
  • Participant provides survey feedback
  • Participant receives graduation certificate indicating completion of 6 hours of RealTime Coaching The Basics

Pricing: I am offering the entire RTC Masterclass at an introductory launch price of $299.

To sign up or for more information, email me: [email protected]