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Assumption vs. Inquiry

What happens at work when one co-worker makes an assumption about another’s bathroom habits? Non-work-related distraction scenarios are common at work. When handled professionally, they are non-issues. When not handled well, they can escalate into full-blown festuches costing your organization time, productivity, engagement, and money. Examples of these types of issues are exposed tattoos, the […]

RealTime Coaching Masterclass

I am happy to announce a new RealTime Coaching program I am calling the RTC Masterclass. RTC Masterclass takes an individualized LMS approach combining virtual work with live coaching. RTC masterclass has 6 hours of total work/time investment: How it works: Pricing: I am offering the entire RTC Masterclass at an introductory launch price of […]

What it Means to be Coachable

Not everyone is coachable. What does it even mean to be coachable? Are you coachable? Look at this “Coaching Readiness Scale” created by Lee Hecht Harrison and assign yourself a level. If you gave yourself a Level 3, 4, or 5 you believe you are coachable. The biggest difference between Level 4 and Level 5 […]

Getting Started with Styles

Teams are made up of people. These people have roles such as players, staff, coaches, and others. In order for the individuals and the team to get what they want, they have to take action; we call this Doing. There are two types of Doing: Stats and Styles. Stats are the WHAT of your actions, […]

RTC Scenario: Feedback on Twitter; What Would You Do?

Hello everyone and welcome to another version of “RTC: what would you do?”. Here’s today’s RTC scenario: You are the executive coach for a mid-sized sports bar/restaurant owner, “Matt”. Matt is into many ventures and is probably best known for hosting a successful radio show. He is certainly considered a local celebrity and has recently […]

RTC Tip #34: Close the Loop with a Plan

A typical coaching cycle usually takes place over a number of conversations, often lasting weeks or months. Each conversation becomes a step along the path toward success (what you want). As a leader, you want to create ownership or accountability with your coachees by #1. Making sure each conversation ends with a SMART plan (see […]

RTC Tip #25: Diagnose Before Prescribing

RealTime Coaching is based on Dr. William Glasser’s original works known as Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. Glasser was seen as revolutionary for actually diagnosing his patients before prescribing a treatment. In many instances, he found his patients did not have a medical condition at all, they simply needed a behavioral course correction. Today, the […]